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Year 6 Transition

Welcome to our Year 6 page!

We know that moving to Secondary School means you probably have lots of questions, so we’ve designed this section of the website just for you

You can find out about the Timings of the Academy Day, see a map of your new school and start to learn the names of your new teachers.

Some of our Yr6 students have sent us postcards with questions about joining Hans Price in September, so we have also put together an “I would like to know…….” booklet. Hopefully this will answer any questions you may have, but if not, send us an email to [email protected] and we will answer YOUR questions.

Please keep an eye on this page for details of upcoming events at Hans Price Academy. We look forward to seeing you!

Best wishes
Transition Team

College Allocations

Students will be informed which of the four colleges they have been allocated during the Continuity Week.

Acer       – Blue
Clarus    – Red
Mando   – Yellow
Fortis     – Green

Additional Information

I Would Like to Know

The School Day
18.40am – 9.30am
29.30am – 10.20am
Learning Family10.20am – 10.45am
Break10.45am – 11.05am
311.05am – 11.55am
411.55am – 12.45am
Lunch12.45pm – 1.20pm
51.20pm – 2.10pm
62.10pm – 3.00pm