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Young Carers

Hans Price Academy are proud to be presented with the North Somerset Gold Award for Young Carers. This is in recognition of the support that is given from the school towards our Young Carers.

What is a Young Carer?

A Young Carer is someone under 18 years old that lives in the same household with someone who is ill either physically or mentally. ​

How do you know if this is you? Do you help out with any of the following …..​?

Practical tasks such as cooking, housework, cleaning. ​Looking after younger siblings.

Physical care such as helping someone move around the house. ​ Accompanying someone for medical appointments. ​Making household decisions around financial matters. ​Communicating with other professionals.

Personal care – helping with dressing or washing someone.  ​Supporting someone’s emotions.

How can staff at Hans Price Academy support you?

  • Have a regular check-in with you to check that you are ​
  • Listen to your concerns to understand your home life. ​
  • Be considerate / flexible in our approach if your caring duties impact your learning. ​
  • Offera regular lunchtime group meeting to support each other. ​
  • Register you with North Somerset Young Carers for on-going support. ​

What do you need to do next if you think you may be a Young Carer?

  • Speak to someone in school for confidential support – ​ Miss Davis & Miss Page (who are the Young Carer Leaders​)
  • College leaders​
  • Pastoral team​
  • A trusted staff member​

51% 0f Young Carers have not told their schools about their caring role at home – please let us know if this is you!