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Student Council

The Student Council at Hans Price academy is a formal body of sixteen students, chaired by a student, that champions the voices and views of all students throughout the academy. The council consists of four representatives from each of the four colleges within the academy. As a full group the council meets once a term to highlight the concerns, raise the questions and put forward the suggestions of fellow students. During these meeting the council also invite member of the Senior Leadership Team to join them to discuss relevant issues, plan for future events and discuss solutions and improvements within the academy.

Student Councillors are also an integral part of the interview process for potential new members of staff to the academy. They regularly create, update and review their own interview questions which rigorously test the staff they interview, and they collate their feedback to be used in the overall decision making process. Student Councillors are also ambassadors for the academy and role models within it.

They are an evolving, focused and motivated group and over recent years they have taken part in a wide range of endeavours and accomplished the following;

  •         Meeting with a potential MP to discuss the hopes and concerns of local young people.
  •         Suggesting and effecting changes in the areas of the behaviour policy.
  •         Deciding on and setting up charity events within the academy.
  •         The appointment process of a number of members of staff, including the Principal.
  •         Travelling to take part in interview panels with other academies in the CLF.
  •         Meeting with the Student Council of a local primary school to share their knowledge and ideas.
  •         Working with the Senior Leadership Team to implement and evaluate the Ready to Learn system.
  •         Influencing the topics covered in whole school assemblies.
  •         Working with the Senior Leadership Team to review and improve Independent Study.
  •         Meetings with the head of the catering team to help inform the menu and options available.

As the student councillors vary in ages there are frequently new opportunities to become a member of the council as our year eleven students complete their final year. If you feel that this is something you would like to be involved with please speak to college leaders and current student councillors. The members of the Student Council can be recognised around the academy by their badges and you can check for more information on the Student Council notice board.

Our Student Council is most effective when we have input from as many students as possible. All students in the academy are welcome to approach students on the council and ask questions or pass on their thoughts.

“We get to have a say in what happens in the school and interview new members of staff. It makes me proud to see the improvements we have made and the changes we have helped to introduce. We get listened to on things like the Ready to Learn system so that it is fair for students and continues to make the academy better.” – Jess Y8

“I loved being part of the Student Council. I was involved with so many different things and it was a great experience that taught me a lot about professionalism and working in a mature environment. It has given me leadership skills and confidence that I can take forward with me into further education and the workplace.”  Laurence Y11, Exiting Chairperson.