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SPACE Programme

At Hans Price Academy, all of our year 7-10 students follow a 10 week rotation of our 4 SPACE areas; Health, Careers, Citizenship an Religion & Philosophy Education. This lesson takes place every Tuesday in place of learning family time. Year 11’s receive a similar programme of study delivered through year group assemblies on a Tuesday.

The rotations for SPACE are as follows:

Rotation 1Rotation 2Rotation 3Rotation 4
Year 7Philosophy & REHealthCareers & AspirationsCitizenship
Year 8HealthCareers & AspirationsCitizenshipPhilosophy & RE


Year 9CitizenshipPhilosophy & REHealthCareers & Aspirations
Year 10Careers & AspirationsCitizenshipPhilosophy & REHealth

The rotation dates for SPACE are:

Rotation 1: Tuesday 4th September – Tuesday 13th November (10 weeks)
Rotation 2: Tuesday 20th November – Tuesday 5th February (10 weeks)
Rotation 3: Tuesday 12th February – Tuesday 7th May  (10 weeks)
Rotation 4: Tuesday 14th May – Tuesday 23rd May (10 weeks)

From years 7 to 11 the SPACE Health Education programme will address the following issues:

Topic 1 – HealthTopic 2 – RelationshipsTopic 3 – Sex Education
Year 7Healthy Lifestyles – Diet, exercise, sleep, hygiene.Puberty (Single sex)


Personal IdentitiesFamilies

Online risks


Recognising healthy relationshipsConsent

Being safe

Curriculum Entitlement

Right to withdraw: Parents have the right to request that their child be withdrawn from some or all of sex education delivered as part of statutory RSE. Before granting any such request a meeting would need to be held with a member of the senior leadership team or SPACE lead. For any more information please contact Mrs Daw (SRE lead) at [email protected]

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