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Independent Study

Key Stage 3

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 students complete independent study for all subjects, according to a weekly schedule. The schedule shows the deadline, not the day the students must complete their I.S.

Tasks and expectations are set out in an I.S. booklet for students to refer to and use as a primary resource. Students should complete all of their I.S. in their I.S. exercise book, unless they have been specifically instructed otherwise. I.S. is checked during lesson 1 each day. Students that have not completed their I.S. will attend a support session on the 3rd occasion they have missed a deadline. Parents will be notified if their child has missed 3 pieces of I.S and will be required to attend a support session on Tuesday after school.

KS3 I.S. tasks are communicated using the SIMS Parent and Student apps. The schedules are also displayed on the digital signage in school.

Students can attend I.S. Club at the end of the school day in A3 (Art Barn) if they would like support, access to computers or just a space to focus and work.

Booklets can be found below, with the weekly schedule found at the back of each booklet.

Independent Study Instructions

Year 7 Booklet 3

Year 8 Booklet 3

Year 9 Booklet 2

Independent Study

Key Stage 4

Years 10 and 11 independent study is set by your child’s class teacher, but typically the same task is set for all students in that year for that subject.

English, Maths and Science I.S. are checked every week and students that have not completed their I.S. must attend catch-up at lunch time. Additional lunch time catch-up sessions are for students that have not completed their option subjects’ I.S.

KS4 I.S. tasks are communicated using the SIMS Parent and SIMs Student apps.

We use three other platforms for completing I.S. work in KS3; Hegarty Maths, Tassomai Science and Literacy Planet. If I.S. is set using one of these platforms, this will be clearly communicated via the SIMS apps.

Who to contact for support:

So that we can quickly direct your query to the right member of staff, please contact us as follows:

For technical support for the SIMS application, please email [email protected] with the subject “SIMS App”

For technical support for Literacy Planet, please email [email protected] with the subject “Literacy Planet”

For technical support for Hegarty Maths, please email [email protected] with the subject “Hegarty Maths”

For technical support for Tassomai Science, please email [email protected] with the subject “Tassomai”

For all other queries, please contact your child’s subject teacher. For example, a query about Drama I.S. should be directed to your child’s Drama teacher. The teacher’s names are visible in the SIMS Parent App. You can call us on 01934 629307. Or email [email protected] with the subject “FAO [name of teacher]”